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about Curate

I'm so glad you're here! A quick word about me. I'm Sarah, your personal travel + local business enthusiast! 

My goal is to help connect others with the unsung heroes of any great trip: the local artisans, restaurant owners, tour guides, and small business owners who deserve your business.

Sounds daunting, but Curate is here to make planning your trip easier than ever.

our mission

Curate was born out of the love of small businesses and travel. We noticed a gap in travel services that cater to local immersion and cultural learning.


We believe the best education spawns from traveling and experiencing new places and customs. Our mission is to make cultural learning and supporting local businesses around the world more accessible to all. 


pricing + tiers

All pricing is variable based on your specific needs. Exact costs will be determined during a free introductory consultation call. 


are you a small business owner?

We want to hear from you! Reach out below to partner with Curate so that we can promote your business.

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