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Hello and Welcome!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Hello and WELCOME!

I am filled with warm fuzzy feelings knowing that you are here. I’m penning this little introduction from the coziest corner of my favorite local coffee shop (you’ll quickly find out that coffee shop hopping is a daily ritual and favorite pastime of mine). As I sip, I am reflecting on the series of events that leads me to this article. I come to you in the midst of so much change. It seems a global pandemic will do that to us all. It’s been a tumultuous time to say the least. Lately, though, I find myself surrounded by a much more optimistic headspace. I think of how much introspection this season of life has allowed me and how much I have grown personally. I moved to a new city. I quit my job. I allowed myself room to explore the ‘what ifs’ that had been buzzing around my head for a while. And out of that chaos came Curate.

Before we dive deeper, let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah. I’m 27 and hot off of my quarter life crisis (kidding, kind of). I just moved to the booming Metropolis of Greenville, SC (also kidding, kind of… you’ll get to know GVL better as I explore my local favs, she a true gem.)

I’m married to the best human there ever was, who sparked my love of travel almost a decade and a half ago when we first trekked across the Atlantic to visit his family in England (pictures below for proof). The rest was history! I also have a child who just happens to be a cat named Dobby. I thrive when connecting with new people and places, and have an eagerness (read: restlessness) that lends itself perfectly to traveling.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. A travel service concept in the midst of a pandemic? Yeah, it doesn’t seem like ideal timing. Here’s the thing though, while some travel may be tabled for now I think there has never been a more important time to reset and discover our humanity through new perspectives. Curate is dedicated to safely and sustainably expanding our horizons. We are here to support cultural learning both locally, nationally, and globally! We offer itineraries and opportunities that are tailored to your comfort level, but that are still designed to teach you about yourself and about others.

So, please, explore our page! Give us all your feedback! Pick us for a weekend getaway or get excited for an international adventure. We can’t wait to curate your next trip!





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